U-Count Customer Count System



Capturing footfall to manage occupancy levels

It’s been nearly ten weeks since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the Covid-19 outbreak a global pandemic and this has changed business across all industries. As stores and offices begin to slowly reopen, there is growing acceptance that changes in how we conduct our daily lives will become a new normal.

This will likely include the need for continued social distancing and companies, in turn, will need to adapt as patrons look for spaces where they feel safe and are assured that public health guidelines on physical distancing are being enforced.

Forward thinking and Innovative Solutions from Ualto

In response to this, Cavan Based business Ualto have designed their own U-Count Customer Count System to effectively assist businesses in maintaining customer limits on their occupancy levels.
As one of Ireland’s Leading Equipment and Plant Automation specialists, Ualto put their world class technical experience to use when Covid-19 took hold and worked on the concept of developing a technology that was both beneficial to the business owner and its customers all in one.

Photo: Lorraine Teevan

How does U-Count work?

This simple system operates from a software unit programmed to count footfall in and out of the premises and relays this information to a visible control (traffic) light system outside for customers to either Enter on green or Wait on Red. The footfall is accurately measured by Bi-Directional sensors fitted to the entrance/exit doors.
The software is developed on an algorithm that accurately captures the number of visitors entering and leaving whilst processing this data in real-time to the traffic lights and/or visual displays. The system is also fitted with an Alarm that will sound if the maximum occupancy has been breached and can easily be linked to large indoor or outdoor display screens.

Business Owners have full control of setting their individual occupancy limits on the system, replacing the need for any door personnel and giving assurances to the public that they are entering a safe environment. Additional benefits for businesses are that the system can run reports on footfall and measure that against conversation rates.

Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation. Heather Humphreys is pictured at the launch of U-Count, a customer count system produced by Cavan based company Ualto. The system was launched at Mr. Price, Cavan on Saturday morning. Clinton Pratt, Managing Director of Ualto hopes to roll out the system nationwide in the coming weeks. Photo: Lorraine Teevan


As no personal data is recorded privacy is protected so U-Count is 100% GDPR Compliant.
Suitable for Pubs, Hotels, Offices, Banks, Restaurants or any service that receives people on-site requiring accurate people counting data.

U-Count benefits

  •  Simple to use and Easy to install
  • High Accuracy count
  • Gives a competitive advantage
  • Cost effective
  •  Creates a reassuring environment for your customers
  • Works on multiple doors ways
  • Stand-alone solution, needs only a power outlet to function
  • Installation can be done by our U-Count installation team or by any qualified electrician
  • Fully supplied with a unit, control lights and signage

Contact UALTO for more details on U-Count E: info@ualto.com P: 04943 27558



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