Complete Turnkey Solutions

The electrical fit out is at the heart of process automation and the need to plan, implement and commission the processes effectively is essential.The complete solution we deliver includes;

  • Project Management
  • Process System Design and Development
  • User Requirement Specification
  • Functional design Specifications
  • PLC /SCADA Software Development
  • Factory/Site Acceptance Test
  • Installation implementation & supervision
  • Process Start-up

Often the environment can be hazardous also, in particular in an industrial manufacturing setting and for many of the sectors we specialise in, which include food and beverage, pharma-chemical and renewable energy. Robust and proven Health and Safety procedures are essential and typically all the wiring used is ATEX rated.

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We look forward to talking through your automation requirements.

PLC Controls / SCADA Software

One of the reasons Ualto is a leading specialist in automated manufacturing is because we manufacture electrical panels inhouse and therefore while we also buy-in and supply panels as necessary, we have in-depth expertise in the functioning of these units. We work with SCADA software and PLC Controls to integrate the automation into the production process and these are configured through a simple menu system, in line with the client requirements. We discuss this in detail with each customer and we can configure bespoke reporting systems for both day-to-day operational reports and for management reports, where indepth insights on the manufacturing process can be gained.Once the system is fully functioning we train the internal team to manage production and the system can then be operated inhouse or remotely as required e.g. on an ipad or smart phone.

Post commissioning support includes ad-hoc support as required and we also offer maintenance contracts. When a client commits to a maintenance contract, the business has absolute confidence  that our preventative maintenance service minimises the risk of down-time in production.

When it comes to process automation, Ualto is the definitive supplier operating in the Irish market today. We work closely with customers to plan innovative solutions that drive efficiencies and cut costs.

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