Before an automation project can be implemented, the requirements need to be specified clearly and we offer a professional consultancy service for clients, to help clarify and plan the best approach at the outset.The Consultancy service is a two-way process where we work closely with the client to establish the best Return on Investment (ROI) possible, given the existing set-up, feedback from the customer and the initial requirement which prompted action.

Often through this consultancy process we identify an approach or technology which the customer may not have considered or been aware of. There are three main steps involved


In terms of the initial feasibility study, here we do an analysis of the process to be automated, the existing set-up and the business requirement. We then do some preliminary analysis work, defining the job, planning how the automation may be implemented and specifying and pricing the process flow and the hardware, software and instrumentation that might be required.Contact Us

Health & Safety is a key consideration throughout our
work and our record in this regard is exemplary.
During the Design Phase of the project Ualto Ltd can
• P&ID’s Detailing the Existing Process and the proposed
• System Network Drawings
• User Requirements Specification – URS
• Functional Design Specification (FDS)

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